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John W. Clark IV

John W. Clark IV

Attorney at Law

Having a master's degree in banking and finance makes John W. Clark IV an ideal commercial litigation and business law attorney. John's years of experience helping small and medium-sized companies in Birmingham, Alabama and across the State of Alabama and the Florida panhandle find solutions to their diverse legal issues give him insight into business law and an understanding that creative problem-solving often brings more success than rushing into a courtroom battle. John knows that even though many business or commercial litigation and transactional matters share common characteristics, each client and company is unique and deserving of individual attention. With John as your attorney, you will receive collaborative counsel and representation. Let him help you find the solution that is right for your business.


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Creative Solutions

As a veteran litigation attorney, John understands that successful outcomes are often achieved through inventive, strategic problem-solving and not solely by fighting it out in a courtroom.

Knowledgeable Guidance

Understanding how business operates and the potential problems that arise means John can provide you effective experience to solidify a strong and effective strategy for your business or your case.

Dedicated Service

Having a qualified attorney with more than 15 years of experience helping clients deal with commercial and business problems in your corner can be an immediate benefit to your company.

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Strong Legal Guidance for Your Business

You worked hard to create and build your company, and protecting your investment is important. Complex business matters demand skilled legal representation. Don't let your company fall into jeopardy by risking its future — you can position your company for optimal growth and protect it now and in the future by choosing the right attorney to assist you and your company with business litigation and transactions.

John W. Clark IV has built his legal career on providing sound legal counsel to business owners in Birmingham, Alabama — as well as throughout Alabama and the Florida panhandle — needing business and real property transaction assistance or who are facing commercial litigation, real property litigation, or other civil litigation. With John working on your company's deal or case, you can be confident that the rights and interests of you and your business are protected now and as you continue to move forward. Entrusting John to find solutions to your business matters will allow you to focus on running your business and avoid potential lawsuits and other unforeseen entanglements.

If you are starting a new business in Birmingham or throughout Alabama or the Florida Panhandle or seeking a dependable legal advice for your existing company, retaining the services of a qualified business law attorney can help you put together an effective plan that will give your company a strong foundation. Drafting formation documents, contracts and other legal documentation specific to your business will ensure your company is protected against legal obstacles and give you peace of mind as a new business owner.

As a real estate litigator and counselor, John Clark can provide seasoned and knowledgeable advice on matters of due diligence, buying and selling, and dispute settlement to protect your investment in property. If your business needs representation in matters including commercial or business litigation, commercial or business transactions, real property litigation and transactions, or general civil litigation, take action to safeguard your business. Contact the Clark Law Firm, PC in Birmingham, Alabama today to schedule a consultation and put his experience to work for you.