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Starting a new business can be a thrilling yet challenging experience. In order to set up your business for success, it’s crucial to choose the right legal structure and establish a proper legal foundation. A solid legal footing can help prevent or mitigate potential legal issues and liabilities in the future. Therefore, if you are planning to start a new business or if you're involved in a business dispute, it is important that you consult with an experienced Alabama business law attorney for detailed guidance. 

Clark Law Firm PC is dedicated to offering knowledgeable legal guidance and reliable advocacy to clients in business law-related matters, including business formation, business dissolution, contract disputes, employment law, and more. John is available to discuss your unique situation, review your business goals, and enlighten you about your available legal options. 

Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur or you're trying to start your first business, John can offer you the dedicated counsel, assistance, and advocacy you need to navigate crucial decisions as a business owner. Clark Law Firm PC is proud to serve clients across Birmingham, Alabama, and surrounding areas throughout Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

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Business Formation  

Starting your business on a solid legal foundation can never be overemphasized. This involves properly choosing a business structure, creating policies and procedures, and drafting the necessary contracts. Clark Law Firm PC is fully prepared to guide local business owners and entrepreneurs through the legal steps involved in forming a new business. John helps his clients with a wide variety of business formation tasks, including: 

Choosing an Entity Type 

Choosing a business structure or entity is crucial for every business owner. John can help you understand the different entity options available to you – including Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships, and Corporations – and help determine the right one for your unique situation. 

Setting Up Contracts 

John can help you create vital contracts, such as partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, service contracts, buy-sell agreements, key employee agreements, and restrictive covenant (i.e., non-compete or non-solicit) agreements. He has the experience and knowledge to help draft and review all company contracts. 

Other Business Formation Tasks  

John can also help you complete the following tasks for your business: 

  • Draft business agreements, company bylaws, procedures, policies, and operating agreements 

  • Prepare corporate documents 

  • Fulfill business formation and registration requirements in Alabama 

  • Review business contracts, procedures, and policies to ensure compliance 

  • Protect yourself, your partners, and the business from possible lawsuits or liabilities 

John will guide you through every step of the business formation process, help choose the right structure, and establish a proper legal foundation for your company. 

Contract Disputes 

All parties or entities involved in business contracts have a legal duty to act in good faith and fulfill their contractual obligations. Disputes may arise when any party in a legally-binding agreement defaults on their duties as stipulated in the contract.  

John has the diligence and experience to help resolve contract disputes peacefully and amicably. He can handle a huge spectrum of business and contract disputes, including but not limited to: 

  • Breach of contract 

  • Errors in the contract 

  • Breach of fiduciary duty 

  • Unfair business competitions and practice 

  • Offer and acceptance 

  • Coercion, fraud, and misrepresentation 

  • Definition of technical terms used in the contract 

  • Tortious interference with a contract 

As your attorney, John will take the legal steps necessary to resolve such contract disputes equitably, mitigate damages, or help seek relief for any damages suffered. 

Business Dissolution 

Closing a business venture may require the dissolution of the business. Dissolving an entity ends any responsibility of that entity to pay taxes and fines, settle debts, and other commitments.

John can help notify creditors, file the Certificate of Dissolution, and deal with outstanding potential liabilities. He will guide you through the steps involved in the business dissolution process and help dissolve your business seamlessly.

Business Law Attorney
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Clark Law Firm PC offers comprehensive legal guidance, dedicated support, and advocacy to both seasoned and new business owners in business law matters. If you are seeking experienced guidance in business formation or need assistance resolving contract or business disputes, contact Clark Law Firm PC today to schedule a consultation. The firm proudly serves clients in Birmingham and surrounding areas throughout Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.