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How to Protect Your Business While Being Sued

Disputes in business are part of the landscape. Whether disputes arise from customers, employees, partners, outside contractors, the government, or even family members, if matters boil over into lawsuits, your business might find itself in sudden jeopardy. Just dealing with a lawsuit can rob you of precious time and resources needed to operate your business.

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Which Bankruptcy Chapter is Right for Me?

This post details some general rules to consider when exploring which Bankruptcy option is right for your situation.

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Important Bankruptcy Terms

Here you can view a glossary of terms that can be useful to anyone considering the bankruptcy process.

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The Direct Shareholder Claim – Squeeze-Out or Shareholder Oppression

The birth of a new cause of action for minority shareholders.

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Case Study: Membership Interest Buyout Dispute

The best legal arguments rarely beat a written LLC Agreement.

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