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Can I Sue Over Bad Reviews of My Business?

Word-of-mouth advertising has always been a make-or-break proposition for businesses. Now that customers are using digital channels to deliver their words, there is a proliferation of great and not-so-great reviews. A business does not need to have a website or social media channel to be reviewed. Customers have easy access to publish them on platforms such as Yelp and Google where a business has absolutely no control.

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Breach of Express or Implied Warranty

A warranty is a legally-binding commitment by a manufacturer or seller to a consumer to repair or replace a defective product. The commitment is made at the time of the sale. A warranty can come in the form of a written, oral, or implied guarantee. When a breach of express or implied warranty occurs, the consumer has legal options to hold the seller or manufacturer accountable.

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How Violating Company Bylaws Can Lead to Litigation

The directors and officers are all bound by the articles of incorporation and the bylaws, which set forth responsibilities and standards of conduct. Thus, the two groups share a responsibility to correct anything that goes awry and might cause harm to the company and shareholders, even if it means taking matters to court.

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What Evidence is Admissible in a Contract Dispute?

Most of us have at least some experience with contracts. After all, that’s how business is done in today’s world. We rely on contracts to start a business, lease office space, buy homes, hire employees, and secure services from third-party vendors.

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Dispelling Business Formation Myths

If you’re starting a business for the first time, you know how overwhelming the whole process can be. It’s an exciting yet stressful time as you try to navigate all the steps it takes to make your dream a reality.

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How to Protect Your Business While Being Sued

Disputes in business are part of the landscape. Whether disputes arise from customers, employees, partners, outside contractors, the government, or even family members, if matters boil over into lawsuits, your business might find itself in sudden jeopardy. Just dealing with a lawsuit can rob you of precious time and resources needed to operate your business.

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